The Classic Polar Retreat

Most wintery countries have built into their culture, a way to warm up, to connect with others and to make winter recharging something to look forward to.   In Canada, we tend to hide away in our homes, popping out to the office only to complain about the weather but winter can be a time of deep recharge, connection and personal growth.   We think  its time for a new Canadian winter experience.

You can change a lot in a day. The classic retreat is a great way to pace your winter, build your resilience, ward off winter illness and move through our cold season with improved purpose, focus and vitality. Don’t let winter get the best of you this year… Embrace it Nordic style ;)

The Classic Polar Retreat experience includes:

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises taught by passionate experts

Sauna and cold plunge

Super food meals designed to nourish your body

Silent space to reconnect with yourself


Learning to help you take the polar experience into your daily life

Cost: $250/person