Ep: 1 Steve Beattie. The Importance of Breath.

Steve Beattie is a Canadian Wilderness Guide, Personal Trainer, and most prominently a certified Wim Hof Method teacher. He joins us in the barrel during the lunch-hour of our monthly Classic Polar Retreat to talk about the importance of understanding breath, and how it can relate to your life philosophy.

Steve operates out of Toronto, and has also been invited to host his workshops worldwide. To find a workshop being hosted near to you or to get in contact about hosting your own workshop with Steve, you can reach him at breathinginnature.com.

Steve Beattie: @breathinginnature

Dr Jen Forristal: @mydrjen
Dave Inglis: @dinglis14
Timothy Muza: @timothymuza
Polar Retreat: @polarretreat
Note: Dave had to sit this episode out, he was busy hosting our retreaters during the lunch-hour.

Timothy Muza