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Hot & Cold. Sound & Silence. Tension & Relaxation. The spirit of intent for the Polar Experience has always been focused on creating the space for individuals to slow down and listen.



Our Retreats


Classic Polar Retreat

The Classic Polar Retreat is where it all started. An all-inclusive full day of learning, self-care and connecting with yourself and others. Work directly with practitioners and wellness experts to re-centre your aim and get grounded to move forward.

Finnish Fridays

A weekly reset and transition for your weekend. Choose between the drop-in or monthly subscription ending your work-week with a long exhale.

Polar Excursion

Join us for our annual luxury get-away giving you space and time to realize the changes you need to make, and deeply recharge. Our next Polar Excursion is in Finland, February 2019.


Deepen Your Mind-body Connection

A physiological experience that reconnects the heart and mind. Uncover new practices from leaders in mindfulness and high performance. Achieve a deep sense of relaxation and self awareness.


A Community Of Effortless Belonging

The Polar Retreat is a place to realign with what matters most. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your intention to grow and realize their best self.


Regain Control.

The Polar Experience is designed to give you the space and structure to reconnect with your truth, reflect on life’s biggest questions and craft clarity on how to move forward. It’s a place to check-in, and do the inner work we are often too busy for. You deserve this.


The Polar Excursion

Join a small group of leaders as we embark on an iconic 7 day adventure to Finland, where we will reconnect with nature, build sisu, and uncover the great Nordic systems of living a happy and meaningful life.